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Visual effects has been my passion ever since I can remember. After seeing Death Becomes Her I knew I wanted help create movie magic one day. I have been compositing over 6 plus years from After Effects, Shake and currently Nuke. I have also been into photography for many years too. Photography has had a big role in expanding and improving my creative eye. 


Compositor, Bluesky Studios; Greenwich, Connecticut — 2018–Present

While at Bluesky I’ve had the opportunity to do different types of work, from frontend tasks, look dev, and comp.  Comp tasks included but not limited too, integration of elements, color correction, and maintain the quality of the shot.

Compositor, Zioc; Culver City, Ca — 2017-2018

I have had the please of working at Zoic during pilot season twice. I have been working on everything from Keying, adding UI elements, tracking and doing color correction, 3D tracking to perform projections for body part removals and other paint work. 

Compositor, MPC; Montreal, Canada — 2016-2017

While at MPC Montreal I had the pleasure of working on three amazing films; Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Alien Covenant and The Mummy.Integrating CG characters and elements to create a photo real shot. Using AOV's and ID's to composite CG elements to integrate into the plate. Color correcting CG and DMP's to create the correct atmosphere to achieve proper depth. Blue/Green-screen extraction assuring to retain all pixels with no or minimum degradation

Compositor, Lightstream Animation Studio Petaluma, CA — 2016

I was hired to help finish a few shots for the film The King’s Daughter. Duties were to color correct shots, fix render patches and clean up comps. 


Ive been fortunate to be able to teach at Academy of Art University for the past several years. The classes Ive been teaching are an Intro to Photoshop and Production Compositing Principles which is an After Effects compositing class.


Academy of Art University; San Francisco, CA  — BA Animation and Visual Effects


Photography is one of my passions and something I enjoy in my spare time. It allows me to create and share my view. One of my favorite aspects of photography is the color correcting process. I feel that’s when photos come alive.  


Ari Rubenstein

2D Lead

Bluesky Studios

Ari is one of the sequence leads at Bluesky Studios on Spies in Disguise. He was in charge of developing the look of sequences and delegating the shots out. 


Carlos Valdes
Carlos was the 2D supervisor for Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales.  During dailies Carlos would critique shots and also suggest ways to carry out the suggestions.