The Visual Effects of "Star Trek Into Darkness"

"Star Trek Into Darkness" contains over 1600 visual effects shots, created by Industrial Light & Magic, Pixomondo, Atomic Fiction and Kelvin Optical Inc. In this reel, we'll take a look at ILM's work which encompassed virtually every tool and discipline in our effects arsenal. We hope you enjoy the work.


The opening sequence sequence of "Star Trek into Darkness" is a great example of the varied visual effects challenges faced by ILM: large digital environments (with plenty of organic elements), creatures and digital doubles, animation, ships and a tremendous amount of simulation work (lava, smoke, water, etc.)

Final Destination 5 VFX

The Final Destination series are so over the top and cheesy and thats why love them. Great death scenes that are so ridiculous and gory. Seems like it would be a fun job to come up with ways to kill people for these movies. 


Found this on the you tubes. Its kinda nice that there is a side-by-side but can be distracting too.