recommended viewing

I am trying to rent movie's from Netflix that I have never heard of. If there is a movie out there that you think is awesome, but you think no one else has heard of it let me know I want to check it out.

I googled "Best movies you never heard of" and this is what I got.

1) The Duellists --Ridley Scott's evocative epic about two dragoons who fight a series of duels over a nearly twenty year span during the Napoleonic wars. Lushly photographed leisurely paced, yet interspersed with exciting action.

2) Orphans -- Albert Finney, Mathew Modine and Kevin Anderson in a story about two brothers who kidnap an aging gangster and learn about life as they are themselves captivated by him. Visually staged like a play, but very moving and funny.

3) Once Upon A Time in the West -- Sergio Leone's masterpiece and the best spaghetti western ever made. One of the finest westerns period in my opinion (see my lengthier epinions review elsewhere.) Beautiful score, scenery, Charles Bronsen, Claudia Cardinale -- and Henry Fonda as a villain. See it!

4) Don't Look Now -- Scarier and more intellectual than the Exorcist PLUS having one of the hottest but tastefully erotic love scenes ever shot. Featuring Donald Sutherland and a young Julie Christie and based on a Daphne Du Murier (sic?)novel. Directed by Nicolas Roeg.

5) House of Games -- Made many top ten lists when it came out, but only seen by the critics. Starring Joe Mantegna and Lindsay Crouse in a battle of wits and psychological warfare based on con men and their "art."

6) Fandango -- Kevin Costner's first real movie featuring him and a youthful cast of actors playing newly-minted University of Texas graduates having one last fling out west before the Vietnam War, college and marriage claim their innocence completely. Riotously funny in at least six scenes while also deeply affecting.

7) Two Moon Junction -- Okay, a B-movie guilty pleasure starring Sherilyn Fenn as the libidinous and lightly-garbed vixen whose heart is stolen by a hunky carny passing through town. Sure it is hokey, but the barn scene is very sensual, if rather unlikely.

8) Jacob's Ladder -- An intense and mind-boggling trip through the brain and soul of a GI back from Vietnam who tries to answer the question of what is real, what is life, what is death? Very scary stuff.

9)Flesh and Blood -- Paul Verhoefen's historical epic/fable set in the lusty but plague-ridden Middle Ages. Earthy realism and body chemistry between Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Much sex and violence, but a true trip to another time and place as Hauer the brigand seduces Leigh and brings the world down around them all.

10)Emerald Forest -- Beautiful and transporting journey through the Amazon to the heart of darkness by John Boorman. Starring Powers Booth as an American engineer who must rescue his kidnapped son who is taken by a native tribe.

Bonus Picks -- Empire of the Sun and Atlantic City -- both highly recommended also.

I have heard of a few of these movies but never watched them (Jacob's Ladder, Once Upon A Time in the West). Currently I have The Duellists and Orphans.

Once Upon A Time in the West was directed by none other than Sergio Leone who has so many great movies I think this one is a no brainer.

I definitely would like to see some foreign films, so hit me up if you know some good ones. Nothin obvious I'm talkin about the shit you only hear about cause you are from that country. I don't want some one to tell me to check out Pan's Labyrinth or Amelie

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