horror movies


My favorite horror movie of all time remastered and a new score! Cant wait to see it!

The debut release on Death Waltz Originals is not only a brand new recording from Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi entitled 'The Hook & Pull Gang' but also doubles as a brand new re-score of the notorious classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The duo will exclusively perform the re-score live at MondoCon & Beyond Fest in September .

Stephen Fishler

If/when I win the lottery I will be hassling this guy to sell his Frankenstein 6 sheet! Rarest of all movie posters! Stephen Fishler fell ass backwards into it. Jealous!

Cool little story of how the most rare movie poster was discovered.

Metropolis CEO Stephen Fishler discusses his extraordinary find of the sole surviving six-sheet poster from the original 1931 Frankenstein. Visit us at www.metropoliscomics.com