Breaking Bad

My Name Is Walter Hartwell

I scored the first print for breakinggifs!  The artis is Daniel Danger and the print looks really nice.  Its from the pilot episode and is titled My Name Is Walter Hartwell



on 2012-05-15 04:45 by Kenfisk

This is an edition of 300 but only sold 200 online.

breakinggifs has a big announcement May 10th.  

Paul Sheer has created this website so he can claim to have the greatest breaking bad gif site on the internet and I think he has won.  When he did something very similar with the TV show Lost they had some great work for sale by great artist, Olly Moss, Tyler Stout, Daniel Danger Ken Taylor, and Kevin Tong.  I personally never watched lost so I am a little more excited about this opportunity to buy some Breaking Bad art.  Breaking Bad to me is one of the best shows on tv right now.  It continually gets better each and every season, which not all shows can say that.  

Check out the video down below


Here are some examples of the Lost art.

Olly Moss's Locke's Secret



Kevin Tong's The Hatch


Ken Taylor's The Smoke Monster

Tyler Stout's Lost Print


If the Breaking Bad prints are of this quality I am going to be a happy yet broke person.  Still isn't for sure that they will be doing prints this time around but I hope they do.