Has James Cameron ever made a movie under two hours? I haven't done any research, I'm pretty sure most of his movies are ridiculously long, and more annoyingly have se sort of Bill Paxton cameo which is a bonus?!?!?

Cameron hasn't done a movie in ten years!! The last movie he did was ( can you guess it?) titanic. I guess if you make $115 million from a movie you don't need to work for a few years. ( $600k for screenplay+ $8 million directors salary+ backend points= $115 million!!!

Out of all the movies he has ben part of: terminator, alien, true lies, the abyss, escape from new York as a matte painter!!! And many many more, the one that I love the most is Rambo: first blood part ll!! Fuck yeah.

So, cameron is making his directorial daybu with AVATAR, he has writen and is directing, producing this flick I'm sure he will be making millions of more dollars off if this. So much hype is behind the return of cameron that film geeks like me will see it just to see it.

I never saw Titanic. Once it past Star Wars as the all time grossing film I swore to never see this movie, and I haven't yet!