I got home from the bar and I turned on the "tube." Nothing was on so I decided to watch the SMURFS. I am sure that other people including you have noticed this, but I think it is creepy when Popa SMURF tells all the other SMURFS "you have the day off you can SMURF what ever you want." Maybe I am a pervert but that sounds fucked up. Pretty much anything Popa SMURF says can be misconstrued as a sexual innuendo. i.e. "lets go SMURF ol' Esrials tail." what the fuck does that mean. Another thing, is gargamel human? Cause if he is he must be the dumbest fucking person ever. If SMURFS are as small as they are suppose to be then he could just go to the SMURF village and stomp the shit out of it. I have never been out witted by say a spider. Okay, maybe once, but that was a long time ago.