Ghost Rider

Um…Wow!!! 16 min in and I already thought this was the worst movie. Nick Cage wasn’t even on screen yet and I hated it. I thought the reason for hating this movie was Mr. Cage.

I guess there is something fun about watching a movie when you can see everything coming. I think I have already filled in the blanks for about five lines of dialogue (finished what they were gonna say before they said it).

What’s with him liking monkeys? They are trying to give him his “thing” and I am not feeling it. “want some jelly’s” So he really likes jelly beans lame!

Oh my god she just pulled out a magic eight ball at a restaurant.

They did the classic man cleaning with headphones on in a high rise bit. This is my new favorite movie.

I love that they don’t even go into how to kill the guys or what powers he actually has, he just kind of figures it out himself there is no mentor at all Sam Elliot got ripped off in his roll.

On a visual effects note: I like at the end when she goes to touch him he turns back into human form first. I am sure they did this since they had to remove Cages head the added the skull so it would be impossible for her to touch where the skull would be since his actually face would be in the way. I guess they could do some pain in the ass warp, but I guess their way was easier.

All in all it was a horrible movie. I am glad Nick Cage finally got to do his comic book movie, because out of all the books Ghost Riders is one that I could care less if it was ruined.