Why why why??

I am about to go to bed and for some reason I have to channel surf, and like always there is something good on, this time its Point Break.

Anyways…I was reading someone else's blog on myspace and noticed something that I hate. There is no way to look intelligent or even cool when you post a comment on some ones page and they end up reposting it five times.

I just noticed that when you type blog in Microsoft Word it is missed spelled. I bet next edition they add that as a word. Let’s see about podcast. Yep miss spelled, and the same with myspace. God, if anyone is reading this I feel sorry for them.

Keanu is about to bust out his knee!!! What a great actor, I predict that he will win an Oscar for best actor by 2010.

p.s. I am so glad the USA beat Japan in the little league world series!!!