M*A*S*H is such an amazing show I hate that people don’t give it a chance because they think its for old people.

The 30th anniversary is on TV and its amazing I love mash. I am not a big fan of the episodes were they are serious but it is so bad ass!!

Fuck “prison break” “lost” and all of those other gay shows that have been on the last 5 years or so they can’t even compare to mash. TV sucks these days I hate it I wish it was more like mash they could learn a few things from the writers of mash.

I hope people will give mash a chance; it’s a show about drunk doctors who make fun of people. Sounds like me and my friends yet they don’t watch mash. I would totally hang out with Hawkeye and BJ or trapper anyone of the side kicks. Get drunk and make fun of people or pull pranks on people that would be awesome.

If anyone reads this that has never watch mashed please do me a favor and watch at least 3 episodes so you can get an idea of how the show works, and get an idea of the way the show is written.

“you’re my kind of girl Nancy…Drunk” Genuise!!!!!!


p.s. suicide is painless