Papercuts video

Here is a video some friends and I worked on for Papercuts.  I added the fog elements that are chasing him through out the video.  I had some really nice shots in here but Sub Pop didn't like them and went with another shot I did that I didn't think was as good.  Oh well that happens more often than not.  I had about a week to do about 8 shots for this video, would have liked more time since I did it in my free time after work.  I am actually in it for about 2 seconds at the :43 mark with my grenades hoodie on talking to the director Andreas Trolf.  The video aired on MTV2 and my old roommate said I'm a sell out.

Director: Andreas Trolf

Editor: Jim Dirschberger.

Papercuts - Do What You Will (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.