So Cheap Pete's IS Just a Clever Name

So Cheap Pete's IS Just a Clever Name

I understand that this is considered a custom frame even though I pulled one off the self and just had the plexiglas add. What I don't understand is the turnaround time. I went in on Saturday November 12th and was to,d it would be ready by November 30th. Eighteen days to switch out the glass with plexiglas and put an acid free backing on. Seems a bit extreme if you ask me.

So now that I have experienced Cheap Pete's way of doing things I am now going to start looking for much cheaper ways to frame my screen prints. I have WAY to many to be dropping $200+ on each one.


So I found a few website that sell UV filtered plexiglas. I'm still waiting back on the price from one website but Here ( you can get a sheet 1/4 thick 24 x 36 for $36. Thats a savings of $37! This website also offers discounts if you buy more than one.

2 Sheets 5% discount
4 Sheets 7% discount
6 Sheets 10% discount
8 Sheets 12% discount
10 Sheets 15% discount

Frame Backing Paper

When you get your print or poster framed and the plexiglas is place and the backing there is another step that should be considered. The frame backing paper. This is one more step that can help keep your art work pristine. This ( You get 25 sheets for $18.99. Not bad at all. I like the idea of the individual sheets(which is a little more expensive) than a roll since I really do t have a good place to make cuts ie I'm lazy.

Framer's Tape

When you have your frame backing paper in place the last thing you need to do is seal it to the frame. A good product to do this would be acid free framer's tape or sealing tape. (

Corner Bumper

Here you can find rubber bumpers for the back of the frame to protect your walls. $1.50! For a set of 25 pads not pad at all. This will prevent the frame from marring the wall.