Basic Key - Alpha Channel

Here is a quick key I pulled in Nuke.  I used the IBK Gizmo for the edge matte and a Primatte as the Core matte.  There are still some holes that need to be filled but I'll do that later.  

I downloaded a Gizmo called the Grad that allows you to take four samples of the greenscreen and gives you back an average.  It's a lot like the IBK color but seems to work a bit better for motion blur and especially after adding a grade node to it. I got the grad node via FXPHD recommendation then downloaded it from here .

 Picture of the IBK with Grad node with Grade node and the Primatte keyer.

Here is what the Grad Node options look like

Here is the Alpha Channel that I got from the IBK Gizmo and Primatte Nodes.  (Still has holes)

Alpha Channel from Ken Fisk on Vimeo.